Another year over

Pegasus Games playfully bids farewell to the year 2020

Friedberg, 12-27-2019: Soon 2019 will come to its end. Pegasus Spiele is looking back on an eventful and successful year and leaves it playfully with novelties like Tricky Druids and Adventure Island as well as evergreens like Werewolves.

In 2019 Pegasus Spiele added several English novelties to its publishing assortment like Crown of Emara, Talisman and Tricky Druids. As friendly druids two to four players eight years and older can spend New Year´s Eve collecting ingredients for their magic potion in Tricky Druids. But terribly nice as they are to each other they roll the dice and offer their ingredients to the other players first. If the other players accept, they receive the ingredients. If they decline the offer, the active player receives the ingredients for their own potion. But they have to be careful because if the ingredient doesn´t fit into their potion it goes straight to the trash bin. If the waste overflows, the active magic potion has to be discarded. With Tricky Druids 2019 will end kind, magical and hopefully with lots of potions.

The evergreen Werewolves is perfect for a New Year´s Eve party with six to 24 players eight years and older. In this communicative deduction game players slip into the role of a villager trying to unmask the Werewolves. Or they play as a Werewolf and try to convince the villagers of their innocence while going hunting at night. Numerous additional characters provide variety at the gaming table. In Adventure Island on the other hand the players slip into the role of stranded ship passengers after suffering shipwreck. On a supposed desert island two to five players ten years and older try to survive, to leave the island and to return home. For that they have to master the five subsequent adventures of this story-focused cooperative game.

An even more creative gaming experience offers Nobjects which is a combination of a family game and a party game. The task seems simple: The active player has to draw a random term with one finger onto the table. All inactive players afterwards try to piece together the traced lines and make a guess which term the active player tried to draw. With its simple, clever twist Nobjects is a unique drawing game that requires neither pen nor paper. Nevertheless drawing “invisibly” makes for unexpected challenges and is a lot of fun at any New Year´s Eve party.

In 2020 Pegasus Spiele will add several English titles to the publishing program like at least two new UNDO cases as well as an English only version of Fabulantica. In the meantime the Pegasus Spiele team wishes a great New Year´s Eve and a Happy New Year!