One click ahead

Friedberg, 11-22-2019: On Wednesday, 11-27 the redesigned website and online shop of Pegasus Spiele will be launched. Visitors of the new website can look forward to even more interesting news from Pegasus Spiele as well as background stories, raffles and game worlds.

After a total of three self-directed website versions and six self-developed online shop versions, Pegasus Spiele will be breaking new ground on 11-27: The new website will be launched in the early afternoon. For this purpose, both the website and the online shop will be offline for a short time in the morning of this day, before the new version will be available online in the afternoon. The new online presence will be realized by Shopware in the Enterprise Edition.

On the newly launched website visitors will find information about the Pegasus Spiele titles as well as press releases and information about upcoming events as before. In addition, there will also be regular background reports, raffles, game worlds for selected titles and even more interesting and worth knowing facts about the Pegasus Spiele brand.

The new website will be accessible up from 11-27 in the afternoon as usual at, the online shop at The German versions will be available accordingly at and For further questions we are reachable at any time at

Pegasus Spiele thanks Shopware AG and RHIEM Intermedia GmbH for the successful cooperation.