Season’s games and greetings

Pegasus Spiele wishes everyone a playful Christmas time

Friedberg, 12-19-2019: In celebration of the coming Christmas holidays Pegasus Spiele recalls some of the highlights of the board game year. Among others the adventures of the new UNDO-series, the “Kinderspiel des Jahres”-nominated Fabulantica and Edition Spielwiese’s Nova Luna might be just the right games to make the upcoming holidays more fun.

Christmas brings the whole family together. Playing cooperative games like those from the newly established UNDO-series ensures that Christmas harmony is not jeopardized.  Players slip into the role of weavers of destiny and try to undo tragic deaths. In order to change the events that have laid the foundation for the later stroke of fate they travel back in time – sometimes mere minutes or hours, sometimes thousands of years. UNDO – Curse from the past takes the players on a journey to the mysteries of ancient Egypt, UNDO – Cherry blossom festival throws them right into a family drama in modern Japan and UNDO – Blood in the gutter into a gangster hunt in the 1920s in Chicago. At the beginning of 2020 two more titles will continue the series. UNDO – Forbidden Knowledge is a case in the mysterious world of H.P. Lovecraft and UNDO – Treasure Feaver takes the players on a treasure hunt in the jungle of Yucatán.

The “Kinderspiel des Jahres”-nominated Fabulantica promises magical adventures for two to five little heroes aged six and over. A spell has gone wrong and dispersed the inhabitants of the fairytale kingdom of Fabulantica throughout the entire land and they cannot find their friends again. The players use their cards to travel the corresponding paths or fly with the magic carpet to travel from tower to tower, seeking the lost inhabitants and their friends and bring them together – hopefully before Christmas day. With accessible rules Fabulantica challenges the players to cleverly plan their travels and remember the inhabitants’ locations under the different towers. Currently a bilingual version of the game is in stock but an English-only version will be available in the near future.

Traditionally the new moon – like Christmas and the turn of the year – symbolizes a time for a new beginning and to think about the future. In the new family-friendly tile-laying game Nova Luna by Uwe Rosenberg and Corné van Moorsel, everything revolves around the moon. One to four players aged eight and over try to develop strategies to deal efficiently with the selection track and the moon wheel every game presents. They try to fulfill the tasks the colored tiles specify and make decisions the consequences of which will extend far into the future.

No matter which board game will be under the Christmas tree or on the gaming table – the whole Pegasus Spiele-team wishes happy playing and Merry Christmas!