Easter News

Friedberg 03-31-2021: Pegasus Spiele wishes everyone a Happy Easter. For some extra playing time over the long weekend the cooperative real-time game Kitchen Rush is worth a look as well as the extraordinary Crown of Emara with its two game boards.

Since its first release in 2019 the interest in Kitchen Rush continues unabated. The award-winning revised version of this cooperative real-time family game by Dávid Turczi and Vangelis Bagiartakis for two to four players eight years and up, includes a unique mechanism for coordinating actions. In this, players operate on the game board (representing their restaurant and its kitchen) by placing small hourglass sand timers to indicate their actions. Players use these to perform actions like seating patrons, taking orders, obtaining ingredients for recipes, cooking meals, cleaning plates, and much more, but can’t move them to a new action until the sand runs out. Each game session has limited time to gain both money and fame in that shift. Doing this requires players to coordinate and plan their tasks to become successful in managing their restaurant. However, since nobody is born a great chef, the game introduces the rules through eight increasingly difficult scenarios and allows players to upgrade their restaurant with changes of the modular game board along the way.  This also allows players to scale the game’s difficulty to their liking. Kitchen Rush is ideal for family as well as serious gamers alike who enjoy a fun mix of speed and communication.

For those who want to take some extra time to play over the long weekend, Crown of Emara is just the thing. The task is clear: convince King Theodorius and the nobles that they are worthy to become the king´s successor. To do this, players must prove that they are best able to care for Emara’s citizens. The game skillfully combines card actions with worker movement actions, allowing players to plan their turns carefully. The two counselors available to every player move in two separate roundabouts, requiring players to optimize every move. Additionally, two scoring tracks lead to a multilevel play style, as only the lower score counts towards victory and thus both tracks must be advanced equally. With Crown of Emara, Benjamin Schwer has designed a great game of medium complexity, for one to four players twelve years and up. 

Space Dragons, the latest title from Pegasus Spiele distribution partner Edition Spielwiese, is also perfect for families or as a fast session on friendly game nights. In this outstanding trick-taking game for three to five players ten years and up, which is coming soon, everyone first assembles their crew of aliens via card drafting, and then uses them to go hunt dragons in space! Whoever plays the highest card in a round captures the dragon on display, but also may get damage to their ship — such as from the “accidental” shots of other hunters. Cards with low values often have strong effects to repair your ship or add shields, while high value cards sometimes come with negative impacts. Cards can also contribute to crew morale and other aspects that factor into victory conditions — and once played, the effects on cards apply for the rest of the game. There’s a fixed number of dragons available in each hunt, making things go quickly. Winning demands you to balance positive points such as from successful captures against negatives like ship damage, making each fast-paced game a challenge both in drafting your crew and then using them in each hunt. Space Dragons is coming soon!

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Pegasus Spiele wishes everyone a Happy Easter, filled with fun and games.