Pegasus Designer Days Spring 2020

Online Meeting for Game Designers on 15 and 16 May

Friedberg, 08.05.2020: On 15 and 16 May 2020, Pegasus Spiele invites game designers around the world to present their game ideas online at the first Pegasus Designer Days. Head of Game Publishing Klaus Ottmaier and his fellow editors from the Pegasus Spiele editorial team will be available via web conference on both days. Registration is open starting today until and including 13 May.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the contact restrictions resulting from it, it is currently not possible to hold any of the established designer meetings. Even the traditional “Göttinger Spieleautorentreffen”, that was supposed to take place in June, had to be cancelled. In Göttingen, designers, representatives of various publishers and journalists have been meeting every year since 1983 to present and playtest new game ideas, many of which are later on published by those attending publishers.

To make up for the lack of these opportunities, Pegasus Spiele gives all game designers the possibility to present their game ideas online to the Pegasus Spiele editorial team. Additionally, freelance editor Claudia Geigenmüller will attend the event to evaluate any Children’s Games, while the editorial team of the newly founded publisher Deep Print Games will be happy to take a look at all Expert Games.

Interested game designers can register up to three game ideas using the registration form until and including 13 May. Please note that the registration by itself does not guarantee a meeting appointment. Designers will receive a response e-mail with the time for their appointment and a link for an online video conference via Zoom. The number of participants is limited.

During the video conference, game designers have ten minutes per game idea to enthrall the editors. In the following week, the editors provide feedback on each game presented. If a game idea could convince the team, a playable prototype should be sent promptly. This will then be tested extensively in the following weeks. After that, the game designers will receive further feedback - and possibly an offer for publication at Pegasus Spiele.