Welcome to the Wild West

Desperados: A Pen & Paper Role-Playing Game is available now for free

Vienna, Munich, Friedberg June 18th 2020: Pegasus Spiele has developed a pen & paper role-playing game based on the video game Desperados III in cooperation with Mimimi Games and THQ Nordic. Desperados: A Pen & Paper Role-Playing Game is available for download as PDF file free on DriveThruRPG.

Welcome to the Wild West, the world of Desperados. Here the players will meet grumpy prospectors, taciturn trappers, trigger-happy gunslingers and confident barmaids. Duels in the scorching midday heat, dangerous gunfights, the massive herds of cattle barons, and battles for the best plots of undeveloped land determine everyday life. Gangsters terrorize settlers and farmers, prospectors are seeking good fortune and robberies on stagecoaches are a lucrative business. The Wild West is a dangerous place and only the best survive long enough to forge their own legend.

The video game Desperados III has launched quite successfully on PC, Xbox One™ and PlayStation®4 on 16th June 2020. Mimimi Games, THQ Nordic and Pegasus Spiele are happy to announce the Official Desperados Pen & Paper Role-Playing Game which is available right now to download and completely free. The game system is inspired by Talisman Adventures (release in 4th quarter 2020), a role-playing game developed by Pegasus Spiele and designer Ian Lemke based on the fantasy classic board game Talisman. Designer André Frenzer has adjusted this game system for Desperados and adapted it to the Wild Western. Desperados: A Pen & Paper Role-Playing Game contains a complete set of rules and a first adventure with illustrations from Desperados III.

In this role-playing game, each player can create an individual character and go on adventures as either a gunslinger, trapper, player, quack or voodoo-priest with special and individual abilities. With duels, wild shootings non-stop, as well as raids and persecutions from gangsters, the Wild West becomes alive on the gaming table.

Desperados: A Pen & Paper Role-Playing Game aims to combine the best of both worlds: the challenging, tactical fights from Desperados III and the freedom and immersion that can only be achieved with pen and paper. The role-playing game has been designed not only for beginners, but also for experienced players who want to experience exciting adventures with accessible rules and new elements originated from the video game.



Desperados: A Pen & Paper Role-Playing Game

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