Heavy Metal Comes to the Gaming Table

Armata Strigoi - An Adventure with Powerwolf at Pegasus Spiele

Friedberg, 08-04-2020: Pegasus Spiele takes over the exclusive distribution for Armata Strigoi to retailers. The official board game of the heavy metal band, Powerwolf, is now available in Europe and will be released in the USA on September 18th.

The German band, Powerwolf, has been a well-known name in heavy metal for over ten years. Their first studio album, Preachers of the Night, reached the top of the German charts for the first time in 2013. More recently, Powerwolf—consisting of the Attila Dorn, Falk Maria Schlegel, Roel Van Helden, and Charles and Matthew Greywolf—released their first best-of album, Best of the Blessed.

Now, the official Powerwolf board game, Armata Strigoi, has been released. Drawing on the band’s rich mythos of a nighttime war between werewolves and vampires, the game by Marco Valtriani and Paolo Vallerga supports two to five players, ages 14 and up. Players don the mantle of one of the members of Powerwolf, taking control of the corresponding action cards and miniature. Each character has his own focus: Attila, the mentor, with more pack abilities; Falk Maria, the preacher, with more healing abilities; Matthew, the hunter, and Charles, the Berserker, with more fighting abilities; and Roel, the blacksmith, with more protection abilities.

When play begins, the enemies, the foul Strigoi, are invulnerable. Players must work together to first carve a path through the Strigoi’s minions to collect blood points if they wish to damage the vampires. Only then can players turn their attention to the Strigoi themselves – the Master and his Apprentice. Once one of the Strigoi is defeated, the survivor transforms into an even deadlier Supreme Strigoi, and the game becomes a race against time as the fortress begins to crumble.