My little farm

Pegasus Spiele releases new family game My Farm Shop

Friedberg, 01-31-2020: At the toy fair in Nuremberg (01-29 to 02-02-2020) Pegasus Spiele is presenting several novelties for 2020. One of the highlights in the family game section is My Farm Shop. The latest title by designer Rüdiger Dorn (Istanbul) combines a dice mechanism, resource management and an unusual theme in a unique way.

My Farm Shop is a family game for two to four agriculturists aged eight years and up. In the midst of an idyllic countryside they run their own farm, which produces only few resources at the beginning. To improve their farms, players have to gather extensions. Each round the active player rolls three dice. Then he selects one to determine which upgrade he gets this round. After placing it in his own farm, the sum of the remaining two dice activates one field on the players´ farm boards. This happens for all players and allows them to harvest goods and later sell them in their own farm shop. The player who upgrades his farm best and has gained most money will win the game.

In My Farm Shop players compete for the most profitable farm. Easy to learn rules, intuitive gameplay and thematic illustrations make every game an entertaining experience for both experienced and novice players. The special dice mechanism involves all players in each turn and thus avoids down time. If the own farm will flourish is depending on a mixture of luck and strategic decisions.

80 extension cards ensure a high variability and the base game includes three modules for additional challenges for experienced players. While the “jump-start” module provides every player with their own farm setup, the “farmer” module gives players new options to increase their farm´s efficiency. Finally, the “goals” module adds open competitions organized by the town community: whoever completes their goals first earns a reward that brings them one step clopser to running the most successful farm shop.

My Farm Shop is expected to be released in May.